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April 11, 2020

Life Lately: Quarantine Style

Hey friends!

Those of you who have been around for a while know I used to run a lifestyle blog, but decided to take a step back from writing in 2017. After 5 years of posting (multiple times a week), showing up just felt daunting and I needed a little break. However, over the last few years I’ve mentioned to Caleb approximately 117x that I really want to pick it back up, and I think the best way to go about that is to use this platform.

Yes, this is our “business” blog, but we are in the business of people. Caleb and I believe whole heartedly that business can be personal (I know some people think thats an oxymoron). Past clients have turned into incredible friends, we get Christmas cards from our couples, and we definitely aren’t strangers after their big day! We believe by showing up in our clients lives in a personal way helps us to create an exceptional experience! So this little blog of ours will have a healthy mix of both professional AND personal posts (that means both wedding day tips AND amazing recipes, family portraits AND our cute pup, engagement photo sessions AND what we’re up too lately)! Alright, friends, let’s do this!

Life lately…Quarantine style!

-Date night in: Caleb planned a fun date night in for us! He told me we had to “dress up” (aka not our recent attire of pajamas)! When I came downstairs he had a steak dinner waiting on the table, then we made homemade peanut butter cookies! Next up was a 2 hour Rummy challenge and we finished the evening by falling asleep to a movie in the living room.

-My favorite new photo of these two EVER! Caleb came to visit me in my office and snatched our little girl up from a nap (she likes to sleep in there while I work) and they people-watched for a few minutes and I’m so glad I grabbed my phone and snapped this! It’s now my lock screen background!

-I’ve started journaling again and it is SO therapeutic for me. I write down ALL THE THINGS! My prayers, ideas, daily thoughts, dreams, to do lists, etc.! I think it’s so fun to look back years later and see what I’ve walked through.

-Grateful lists. I’ve been writing down 10 things every night that I’m grateful for from each day. Not normal, generic things either (it would be easy every day to say “my husband, our pup, food, etc.”). I’m trying really hard to be specific (Caleb mowing our lawn and the smell of fresh cut grass coming through our windows, reconnecting with an old friend, receiving a piece of mail from Olivia etc.!). It’s really helping me keep my eyes on good things during the midst of this crazy pandemic.

-Almond creamer. I’ve really cut back on my dairy consumption this year and it’s helped my skin tremendously! Also, shoutout to my sister/brother in law (Erin & Jared) for this CUTE new mug! I use it all the time!

-The gorgeous new blooms throughout our neighborhood! Beasley and I go on a 20-30 minute walk nearly every day and I’ve been loving the new scenery. Spring always feels like a fresh start, and reminds me that God’s mercies are new every morning.

-Speaking of walks with my girl… look how happy she is!!

-Our daily pursuit challenge books. Back in 2018, Caleb and I purchased these books (pictured below with link) to try and be more intentional about our marriage and pursuing each other. We did a few of them, and then let life get in the way. Last month we decided to start over and stick to them! It has been SO fun! We have to get a little creative since we’re technically under a ‘stay at home’ order, but it has been SO fun!

-Spring cleaning! We obviously don’t have any children yet (just our furry baby, Beasley), so we have a LOT of free time to get house projects done. We’ve cleaned out and organized both our garage AND basement. We’ve been deep cleaning (vacuuming stairs, organizing our pantry, cleaning the baseboards, etc.)! You name it – we’ve probably done it! We’re so thankful for this time to get so many projects done, and pour into our hobbies.

-Speaking of hobbies! I’ve signed up for 3 free months of Fender guitar lessons online. I have yet to start but plan on it next week! I’m so grateful for the time I get to pour into things I love and improve on areas I want to be better!

I hope you’re enjoying the quarantine. I know it’s not ideal, and that not every day is going to be all *sunshine and rainbows*, but I urge you to look for the little pockets of joy that reside in the mundane of your day.


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