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June 23, 2020

Emily & Alec || Intimate Cincinnati, OH Wedding

I’m sure we all know someone who has been affected by COVID-19. Whether they had to reschedule a baby shower, change their wedding plans, or missed their Prom. Fortunately, every single person we know who has run into this type of situation has handled it with such grace. Emily and Alec are perfect examples of that.

June 20th looked very different than they originally planned, no thanks to COVID. They had a 10 hour day planned with us – a huge party bus booked, multiple portrait locations mapped out, and a massive reception that went late into the night. A few weeks ago, we shared a phone call and they informed us that although their day was going to look different, they just couldn’t wait any longer to get hitched!

Fast forward to last Saturday! We met them at St. Monica St. George, watched them exchange vows, and they officially became Mr. & Mrs.! We got to spend some time with their closest friends and family, and obviously snagged a few adorable portraits before they went off to celebrate (which btw, they were total troopers because it was roughly 95 degrees out)!!

Emily and Alec, we are BEYOND grateful that you allowed us to still be part of your day. I know this is one of those stories you’ll be telling for the rest of your days. Your bond will be stronger having already walked through this challenging season together, and we can’t wait for you to continue experiencing the gift that marriage is!

We’re counting down the days until your big celebration next March! See you guys soon! 😉

Hugs! -Kayla and Caleb

  1. Becky Bockrath says:

    The photos are gorgeous. As are the kids. Covid prevented us from being able to be there.

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