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March 26, 2020

Robinson Family || Cincinnati, OH

Kyle and Jamie have been trusting us to document their memories for YEARS! I actually met Jamie through a friend at church, and when she got engaged, they asked Caleb and I to photograph their wedding!

Not only did we do that, but we also photographed their maternity session when they discovered they were expecting their first child! Which ultimately lead to family photos! THEN another sweet baby joined, and they are just the cutest little family. This past year they needed some updated portraits for a Christmas card and even in the middle of December, we MADE IT HAPPEN!

Yes, it was chilly, but these kids were total rockstars. I always love spending time with them, and every time I leave their photo sessions I ask myself why we don’t get together more often! So Jamie, if you’re reading this, let’s please make that happen soon! Once this pandemic madness is over! 😉 Can’t wait!

Thanks again for always letting me capture your beautiful fam, Jamie and Kyle! We love you guys!

On another note – this mandatory quarantine situation means I’m probably going to be blogging a LOT of sessions/weddings from 2019. I am itching to get back out there and photograph JOY! Can this be over already?! 🙂

Thanks, as always, for reading!

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