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October 8, 2020

Kiersten & Rex || Glenwood Gardens Fall Wedding, Cincinnati OH

Kiersten’s MOH said it best in her speech; “These two are walking anti depressants”. Boy is she right! From the MINUTE we met these two, we could tell they were some of the kindest, most energized and uplifting people we have ever met.

Over the course of their engagement, EVERY single time we encountered/interacted with them, it just felt like we’d known each other forever. They do a great job at making every person feel incredibly special.

Their wedding day arrived, and the second Rex turned around at their first look, the energy just changed. I think it really hit them that they were FINALLY getting married! Rex kept calling her “Mrs. Flannery”, and you could just tell Kiersten loved the sound of it!

Even at the Ceremony, before they were officially announced as “Mr. and Mrs.”, Rex couldn’t help but sneak in an early kiss! It was too cute! They rode around on the party bus to kill some time, dancing and singing along to 2000’s hip hop (my fav), and their reception was electric. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more packed dance floor!

Kiersten and Rex, we are SO grateful to call you both friends! Thank you for trusting us to document your big day, and we can’t wait to share more!! Hugs!

Caleb being Mr. Funny 😉

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