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September 30, 2020

Kelly & Spencer || Sunset Wedding at Fritz Farm, Cincinnati, OH

I met with Kelly and Spencer shortly after I quit my day job to pursue this dream of mine full time – and I remember how excited they were for me! We sat in the booth of a tiny Panera, and got to know each other over lunch. I could tell they were meant for each other; they didn’t seem too hung up on the little stuff, they were just really ready to be Mr. and Mrs.!

Kelly and I chat a lot, follow along on each others instagrams, and of course – exchange cute photos of our dogs (Beasley says hi, Ammo!). As I got to know them better, I realized JUST how long they’d been together. Spencer was a Freshman in High School, and Kelly, a sophomore! They grew up together, took each other to prom, and over the weekend, finally got to exchange vows.

They are truly the nicest people, and you can tell they get it from their parents. Both of their moms went out of their way to thank us for being part of their day. Kelly’s mom even sent us the SWEETEST email just a few days prior; stating just how excited she was to finally meet us! We were blown away. Somehow, over and over again, we manage to get couples who value a TRUE relationship with us, and that even trickles into their friendships/families. We cannot even tell you how LOVED we felt just by being there on Saturday. Some people probably look at their vendors as the hired help, but they made sure we felt like part of the gang.

The sun started to set just as their ceremony was ending, and it gave us the most gorgeous glow during their portrait time. It was so sweet watching them interact throughout the few hours after that. They even made sure to sneak away for a private moment after dinner, simply to soak everything in. This is something I’d recommend to ALL of our couples! No photographers, no phones, just two happy newlyweds living in the moment.

Kelly and Spencer, we are so so grateful to know you! We hope you LOVE your sneak peek! Much more beauty to come!!

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