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June 30, 2021

Michelle & Fred || One Big Party! Downtown Cincinnati

In the thick of the pandemic, we were fortunate enough to meet Michelle and Fred! We were able to get to know them virtually, over Facetime, and had such a great evening! We clicked over our love of all things Skyline and puppies! So naturally, we introduced our dogs over video that night, too!

We knew right away that these two would be so fun to work with! Then they told us they were thinking of having “somewhere between 11 and 15” bridesmaids and groomsmen EACH – *insert shock*! We had NEVER photographed a group that large, but told them we were up for it!!

Fast forward to their engagement session last Summer and we were finally meeting in person! They even brought their adorable pup, Presley! She may or may not have stolen the show! 😉 We ended the night, of course, at Skyline and then to their favorite date night spot, Maloney’s Pub! I swear, their entire engagement I would randomly tell Caleb just HOW excited I was for their wedding day!

Michelle and I shared a quick phone call last week to nail down any final questions and make sure the timeline was perfect, and we kept our fingers crossed for amazing weather. Boy, did they get it!! It was TOASTY!

The morning of their big day, Caleb and I pulled up to Michelle’s Grandmother’s home and saw one of the largest yard signs I’ve seen in all my life – “ALMOST MR AND MRS HEEKIN!”. My heart was beating a little quicker than usual (as it always does upon arrival to a wedding day!), as I prepared to walk into one of the largest groups of Bridesmaid’s I’ve ever worked with. However, all of that silly anxiety I had went away within the first minute. This group of ladies was SO welcoming, SO kind and SO stinkin’ fun!! It just really set the tone for the rest of the day, and suddenly photographing a wedding party with 32(ish) people didn’t feel like a challenge at all!

I always have quite a few favorite parts of any wedding day. I mean, we photograph so many, but each of them are so unique! I truly think it’s so special that we get a VIP seat to everything that entire day. Watching Michelle’s Mom zip up her gown, seeing Fred’s reaction to her at their First Look, and bawling my way through Michelle’s dance with her Uncle and Grandfather are just a few. Being part of all of that is something we don’t take for granted!

Long story short, these two are just the kind of people you want to be around! They are always smiling, always making sure everyone around them is taken care of, and just a blast to spend the day with! I think my favorite part of the day was watching them finally just get to enjoy their Reception! As much fun as we had during portraits, and watching them officially become *husband and wife*, there’s something so cool about FINALLY getting to the reception and just partying the night away with 300 of your closest friends! 😉 You could just tell by watching them, they were so thrilled all their planning had come to an end, and they could just soak it all up!!

Michelle and Fred, we are your biggest fans! We are so excited you get to spend a beautiful week away and we’re absolutely stalking your instagram stories for those gorgeous beach views. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek, and we cannot wait to hang out this Summer! Hugs!!! -Kayla and Caleb

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